Bruce's Grafix Gallery

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These next few are whimsical landscapes with my espresso business logo as it's main theme.

The gold truck is an imported DXF file that I created in Ray Dream Designer.

Welcome to Fantasy Espresso Island!.

This one's unique. I started with my logo and assigned each color with a corresponding type of vegetation, and then "hosed" in the greenery. Cool effect, eh?

For all you rock climbers....

I personally like this one a lot. It conjures up places I'd like to be. Aloha!

I think this one's Beautiful, if a bit stark. But then, the depression was a bleak time.

This one is.... well, strange at best. But you can see how realistic the imagery can be! Notice the "haze" in the background contributing to the illusion of perspective.

This one is the weirdest of them all, I don't know WHAT I was thinking! But it's kinda cool...

This one is rather old. I did it when I was first getting the hang of 3D. I wanted to see if I could recreate the pool hall I hung around at as a teenager. You can almost choke on the smoke!